benefits of oolong tea with lemon

benefits of oolong tea with lemon You know why our mothers used to use a squeeze of lemon juice for cooking? It turns out that lemon juice can give a fresh taste sensation and reinforce the sense of cooking.

In addition, it also has lemon various other benefits, such as:

1. Adding scent
Squeeze lemon juice on green tea eliminating astringent taste in tea and helps absorb antioxidants. The aroma can also make the body more relaxed.

2. Eliminate odor
Cut the lemon juice, then rub on hands to remove the fishy smell after eating.

Or use a piece of lemon and rub it on the feet to eliminate odors on foot.

3. Relieves heartburn
Mix lemon juice with cold water, then brush on the skin that feels hot or burned due to the sun.

This method is suitable for those with a low level of sunburned skin.

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